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One of the hallmarks of "Novotank Storage" LLC is the ability to separately transport by pipeline and store gasoline, jet fuel and diesel fuel. These significantly reduce the mixture formation, and thereby  maintain the quality of fuel. All production processes are automated at the station......


"Novotank Storage" LLC aim to be a full service provider that can handle everything about our clients may ask, be it shipping, storage of petroleum products of all types services and everything in between. No requests are to bold, we enjoy the challenge.


"Novotank Storage" LLC ships liquids in its fleet of 6 vessels. Four modern rail tanker trucks handle transport by railway. Some locations also provide railway terminals for loading and unloading oils and fats. "Novotank Storage" LLC is a strong and reliable partner for shipping and storage of petroleum products of all kinds..



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"Novotank Storage" LLC was incorporated into russia maritme industry in accordance to the Decree of the Russia Federation and The Company was ranked among the Russia leading maritime shipping and storage facilities companies in terms of provision of efficiency and reliable services in the oil exploration, shipping and storage. in the top 10 in terms of oil and gas sales and transshipment on Black Sea waters, Baltic Sea, Japan Sea Water and Vladivostok Port. The company is renders potential customers globally unique services and ensures customers guarantee and safety.



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