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About "Novotank Storage" LLC

"Novotank Storage" LLC was incorporated into russia maritme industry in accordance to the Decree of the Russia Federation and The Company was ranked among the Russia leading maritime shipping and storage facilities companies in terms of provision of efficiency and reliable services in the oil exploration, shipping and storage. in the top 10 in terms of oil and gas sales and transshipment on Black Sea waters, Baltic Sea, Japan Sea Water and Vladivostok Port. The company is renders potential customers globally unique services and ensures customers guarantee and safety.


"Novotank Storage" LLC fleet operates in the marine areas classified by the Russian Maritime Register and fully complies with all local and international requirements and conventions, including the requirements of member companies OCIFM.


At the disposal of "Novotank Storage" LLC are chemical and oil tankers class IMO-2 for the transport of diesel fuel oils (jet fuel A-1, base oil, virgin d6 fuel oil, Mazut m100 and others). Delivery of cargo can be carried out from both river and sea ports to any port of black Mediterranean or Far East Sea or in the opposite direction. If needed, chemical and oil tankers relocate to the region of the Baltic, North Sea, and Far East.


The large number of diverse fleet allows us to offer the client as a single shipment and transportation on a long term basis, taking into account peculiarities of cargo, directions and traffic, navigation conditions and characteristics of terminals. A significant part of the company's traffic is performed on the basis of long-term contracts.


All tankers, barges and tugs of "Novotank Storage" LLC are insured in first-class Russian and foreign insurance companies. Insured responsibility of "Novotank Storage" LLC for claims from third parties. Our specialists are ready to provide you with the necessary assistance and advice in the organization of cargo transportation, contract and transport documents for transportation.


Impeccable reputation and high quality traffic is confirmed by long experience of the company with a variety of cargo.


Long-term contracts with the volume of traffic on 100,000 – 4,300,000 tons per year, performed by "Novotank Storage" LLC for major clients, which can be increased with the appearance of such customer needs. If necessary, under long-term contracts the company can build a new trial in accordance with the requirements and objectives set by the consignor.