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Our Fleet

Active development of oil and gas fields in the global market is not possible without significant investments in the infrastructure of these fields, which is tied to the need to deliver a large amount of petroleum products, building materials and general cargo, steel, pipes and equipment.


"Novotank Storage" LLC, using as a basic, technology, delivery of goods to the Far North and Far East in the summer navigation period using vessels of mixed "river-sea" navigation allows the connection ports on the United deep water system of the Russian Federation, with the regions of the Far North and Far East, excluding transshipment from river to sea-going vessels, and thereby dramatically improve the efficiency of shipping.


Using our services, you will be able to transport cargo on ships with a high carrying capacity and streamline the process of unloading-loading, which is especially important against the background of the current deficit of berths and handling equipment in the Far North and Far East.


Effective and timely delivery of bulk and general cargo on the Yamal Peninsula and other ports of the Far North and Far East Sea Route for our customers (mainly oil and gas companies) carried on ships that meet the most stringent requirements when working in harsh Arctic conditions.