shipping & storage solution 


Storage Facilities


"Novotank Storage" LLC provides modern high-performance system for handling all kinds of petroleum products like; Crude oil, Jet Fuel, Diesel Fuel, Gasoline, Base Oil, Virgin D6 situated in all Russian port, Rotterdam and Houston ports.


High-tech equipment for loading and unloading of petroleum products, together with state of the art facilities to determine the basic parameters of density and temperature allow maintaining the high quality of petroleum and petrochemical storage.


Supply of petroleum products is carried out by railway tanks through utility station of the Moscow railway. Discharge pier allows simultaneous discharge of oil of 10 rail tank cars.


Reception and delivery of petroleum products to the oil depot in top around the clock. This schedule complies with International standards and is suitable for drivers who prefer the night hours of work due to the low loading roads.


This ensures the safety and reliability of shipping and fuel storage. The smooth running of the process tank storages support system of automated control of technological operations.


Much attention is paid to improving the qualifications of the staff - operators, drivers and other specialists of engineering and technical services


"Novotank Storage" LLC Tanks are equipped for storage petroleum products and processing services such as:


  • Storage of petroleum products;
  • Delivery of petroleum product by Sea
  • Wholesale of motor fuels at oil delivery terminal;
  • Delivery of fuels by tank trunks;
  • Repair service for tankers and trucks at our service centres;



ports of operations

→  Novorossysik Port

→  Primorsk Port

→  Ust-Luga Port

→  Tuapse Port

→  Rotterdam Port

→  Vladivostok Port

→  Houston Port

→  Kozmino Port

→  Nakhodka Port 



→  Gasoline
→  Kerosene 
→  Gasoil / Diesel 
→  Biodiesel
→  Jet Fuel A1 
→  Naphtha 
→  Virgin Fuel 
→  Chemicals 
→  Crude Oil